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7144-01-08 MultiSource Laser Controller

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The 7144-01-08 MultiSource is a compact, four channel laser diode driver for lower power applications. Excellect accuracy, great long term stability, and the hardware protection features you'd expect from an Arroyo Instruments product.



Preliminary information
This is a preliminary product specification. Initial models of the MultiSource Multi-Channel Laser Diode Driver product family will begin shipping in Q3 2018, with additional models following.

  • Shipping Q3 2018, contact factory for details
  • 1U Rackmountable
  • Ethernet and USB
  • 4 channels

Standard Computer Interfaces
The MultiSource includes both Ethernet and USB computer interfaces, allowing for quick and easy connection to a PC for remote operation. In addition, the TECSource’s command set is compatible with ILX and Newport controllers, allowing you to leverage any existing software you may have already developed.

Simple Local Control
While intended to be primarily operated from a PC, the display on the MultiSource allows you to locally monitor status and turn channels on and off.