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High precision, low noise, easy to use. Arroyo Instruments solutions become a transparent part of your research process, not another variable you need to manage.


Arroyo Instruments provides the building blocks for your next multi-channel system. Incorporating our proven technology into easy to integrate, rack mounted instruments and modular fixtures.


Arroyo Instruments delivers painless OEM integration with our standalone, fully engineered, and calibrated modules.

Did You Know?

Arroyo Instruments Offer ...

  • 100mA to 100 Amps
  • Low Noise
  • Excellent Precision and Stability
  • Ground Loop Isolation
  • Analog Modulation
  • QCW Operation
  • Active Heating and Cooling
  • High Temperature Configurations
  • Device Specific Wiring Harnesses
  • Copper Cold Plates
  • Cold Plate Customization
  • General Purpose and Device Specific
  • 28W to 960W of TEC Power
  • 0.004C Stability
  • Automatic PID Calculation
  • Build in Fan Controller
  • Resistive Heater Support
  • Bipolar Direct Current Output

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Excellent Stability

Low Noise Laser

High Temperature
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  • Eight Essential Driver Features
  • Ground Loops
  • Laser Workstation

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