Arroyo Update for 586 TECPak

The 586 TECPak Arroyo Update program is used to upgrade your 586 TECPak temperature controller to the latest version of firmware. Updates are released to add features, fix bugs, and otherwise improve the operation of the instrument.

The current firmware version is 3.16.18

If you are already running the current version of firmware, there is no need to run the update program. The 586 TECPak has no display, you must query the instrument over the computer interface by using the *IDN? query. The version will be included in the response.

To upgrade your instrument, you will need to have the instrument connected via USB and the USB drivers loaded.

To download the latest 586 TECPak User’s Manual with information about all of the current features, click here.

The download link below is a ZIP file that contains the update program. No installation is required, and the update program will run right out of the ZIP file.

Click Here to Download the Update Program