4 Precautions To Take When Working With Diode Lasers

4 Precautions To Take When Working With Diode Lasers

Lasers are used in numerous industries throughout the world today. They have many uses but they are still complex pieces of technology that users need to handle with care and precision. These are a few of the necessary precautions users must take when working with diode lasers.

Temperature Control

When working with lasers, a lot can influence the laser. For example, noise impacts the optical performance, or electrostatic changes can damage the laser, and temperature is another significant factor. Many lasers create substantial heat which results in a rise in overall temperature. Uncontrolled, this leads to shifts in wavelength, and potentially even laser failure. Many laboratories use temperature controllers to keep lasers working optimally and safely.

Safety Glasses

In laser laboratory environments, eye safety is critically important. While operators will never use lasers in a way where they would be close to injuring someone’s eyes, accidents are accidents for a reason, so it is important to wear safety glasses when working with lasers. Taking them off during such laser application is dangerous, as laser light is often invisible, and eyes could be injured without proper safety glasses.

Receive Proper Training

Lasers are a precise piece of technology with various applications today, but everyone should be properly trained to use them. Lasers can do a lot, including hurt someone if they improperly find themselves in the laser’s path. Ensure people are safe and the laser diode itself does not become damaged by only having trained personnel operate them. Safety is vital with lasers, and the best way to keep everyone safe is to ensure that only professionals are working with them.

Implement Warning Signs

Lasers are dangerous instruments that only those properly trained should handle. Therefore, your operating areas should have warning signs to guarantee that everyone using lasers or is near lasers understands their potentially dangerous effects. This way, those familiar with lasers and those unfamiliar can understand the dangers and what they should do to be safe, such as wearing laser safety glasses.

These were four precautions to take when working with diode lasers, and they are essential in maintaining the integrity of lasers. Without properly caring for your diode lasers, they are likely to malfunction and give you false results or fail in their job. At Arroyo Instruments, we can point you to our laser diode temperature controllers so you can keep your diode lasers in the highest working order.