Innovative Ways Laser Diodes Are Being Used in 2023

Innovative Ways Laser Diodes Are Being Used in 2023

Laser diodes have been around for decades, and their use has continued growing as researchers find new applications for them. However, even with all these new uses, like laser printing and fiber optic communications, diodes still have a lot of unexplored potential. Read on to learn about some new and innovative ways laser diodes are being used in 2023.

Fusion Energy

One way that laser diodes are going to continue being used in 2023 is with fusion energy. Researchers have long speculated and experimented with using nuclear fusion reactions to generate electricity, and one of the ways they achieve these reactions is through lasers. These lasers heat the plasma where the reaction will occur, but this reaction never generated enough energy to offset the initial energy required.

That was until December 13th, 2022, when scientists finally managed to get more energy out of the process. But the work isn’t over. This area of fusion energy will likely see a lot of new interest and financing in 2023, and laser diodes will be at the forefront of further research into this process.

Self-Driving Cars

An application for lasers and laser diodes in recent years has been laser sensors, and they will only be developed further in 2023. A laser diode can emit a light beam in a straight line, detect when something has breached that line, or even make measurements and readings for whatever is hitting the laser.

LiDAR uses this technology to measure atmospheric conditions and collect data in space and the ocean. It can be used at this scale, but some auto manufacturers also use short-range LiDAR to assist with automated driving. The technology isn’t ready yet, but it looks like 2023 will be the year of fine-tuning these technologies and making automated driving safer.

Laser Lighting

Researchers have been finding ways to use laser diodes for alternate forms of lighting for years, but 2023 looks like the year it may be fully realized. Lasers are emissions of light, so it makes sense to use them for lighting, but it just hasn’t been practical yet. Laser diodes have the potential to be more efficient and have a greater power density than traditional fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, but the technology is still a little pricy.

Regulatory issues have also hindered the real-world application of tech like this. However, it’s not stopping researchers from continually experimenting and finding a way to bring these laser diodes to the market in the near future.

These are some of the most innovative ways laser diodes are being used in 2023, and there are still so many other ways to use them that we haven’t discovered. These diodes have a lot of functionality, but they are just pieces of the laser system that you need to calibrate and monitor carefully.

In addition to the diode, you’ll need laser diode drivers and temperature controllers. At Arroyo Instruments, we have all the laser technology you’ll need! Contact us today to get the right equipment for your projects.