Laser Heat Sink

Our extensive line of laser diode heat sinks and device fixtures solves the problem of how best to mount and thermally manage a laser diode. Our LaserMount line offers passive laser heat sinks, heat sinks with fan control, and laser mounts with integrated Peltier (TEC) control. 

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240 Series LaserMounts

The 240 Series LaserMounts are built around an efficient 4″ cube heat sink on an included pedestal mount. The 242 C-Mount LaserMount is actively cooled, while the 244 HHL and 246 TO-3 LaserMounts are passively cooled.

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280 Series TECMount

The 280 Series TECMounts are designed for high power temperature control for both laser and non-laser applications. With larger cooling plates and higher capacities, the 280 Series TECMounts provide the next level of flexibility, capability, and control…

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207 Series LaserMounts

The 207 LaserMounts offer higher power solutions for the many medium-powered fiber pigtailed lasers (in the 5W to 10W range). With a user-configurable quick-disconnect electrical interface and broad standard device support, the 207 is an excellent choice…

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