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485 Series LaserPak
485 Series LaserPak

The LaserPak laser diode driver offers the same quality instrumentation as our bench top units in a smaller OEM solution. In addition to USB / RS-232 ports, the LaserPak adds an analog control interface for operation without the need for a computer.

  • Laser Driver

  • Up to 8A

  • USB & RS-232

  • Analog Interface

6300 Series ComboSource
6300 Series ComboSource

A dual range laser diode driver and precision 60 W temperature controller in a compact 2U, ½ rack enclosure offering laser safety circuits, excellent stability, Auto-Tune PID calculation, and USB / RS232 computer interfaces. Available in four models: 100mA, 500mA, 1 Amp, and 4 Amp.

  • 50mA/100mA

  • 250mA/500mA

  • 500mA/1A

  • 2A/4A

  • 60 W TEC

7144 Laser MultiSource Controllers
7244 Laser MultiSource Controllers