MultiMount Modular Fixture System

Designed to work in conjunction with the 7000 MultiSource, the 7700 Series MultiMount Modular Fixture System provides cooling solutions based on a standard platform that can be quickly customized to meet application requirements.

Active or Passive Cooling
The 7700 Series is available in either active or passive temperature control. If your device is not supported by a standard mount, either version can be customized to match your mounting hole requirements.
Bread Board Cold Plate
Using a bread board hole pattern found on optical tables, some mounts in the 7700 Series provide a grid of threaded holes for maximum flexibility in mounting your thermal load. Be it a laser device, optic platform, or other application, the bread board configuration gives you excellent long term flexibility in how to mount your loads.
Custom Mounting Options
The 7700 Series is intended to be rapidly customizable to meet differing application requirements, so contact us and we’ll work with you to quickly get a solution into your hands.
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Mounting Plates

  • All Copper Design
  • Standard Breadboard Pattern
  • Customizable Mounting Holes

Cooling Mode

  • Active Heating & Cooling

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