200-C Laser Cover


  • Improves temperature stability
  • Works with 203, 205, 207, 213, and 215 mounts


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Other Products in this Series

234-C-01 Standard CoverStandard cover, 30mm cage support
234-OFFSET-KIT, 1mm TO-9TO-9 1mm Offset Clip & Cover Kit
224-CLIP9 TO-9 ClipTO-9 Clip for 224/234B LaserMount
224-CLIP5.6 TO-5.6 ClipTO-5.6 Clip for 224/234B LaserMount
AP-01-5.2 Adapter Plate, 5.2″ SquareSeries 1 Adapter Plate, 5.2" Square
AP-01-4.2 Adapter Plate, 4.2″ SquareSeries 1 Adapter Plate, 4.2" Square
AP-01-3.2 Adapter Plate, 3.2″ SquareSeries 1 Adapter Plate, 3.2" Square
284-MKIT Mounting Kit for 284Mounting Kit for 284
234-C-02 Cover, 1-inch Lens Tube InterfaceOpto-mech cover, 30mm cage and 1" lens tube
200-TRAY Fiber Management TrayFiber management tray for 203/205/207/213/215 mounts
200-C Laser CoverDevice cover for 203/205/207/213/215 mounts
200-FAN Fan BaseFan base for 203/205/213/215 mounts
260-C Cover for 260 Series MountsCover for 260 Series Mounts
224-C-01 Standard CoverStandard cover, 30mm cage support
224-C-02 Opto-Mech CoverOpto-mech cover, 30mm cage and 1" lens tube
224-C-03 Fiber Pigtailed CoverCover for fiber pigtailed lasers
1900 Replacement Butterfly Connector (Pair)Replacement Butterfly Connector (Pair)