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1221B LaserSource Cable, 4A, 2m, Pigtailed

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1221B LaserSource Cable, 4A, 2m, Pigtailed Click here for larger image(s)

DB-9 Male Connector
Pin Color Function / Description
1 & 2 Shorted Interlock
3 Shield Earth Ground
4 Black/White Laser Cathode Sense
5 Black Laser Cathode
6 White PD Cathode
7 Green PD Anode
8 Red/White Laser Anode Sense
9 Red Laser Anode
Shell Shield Earth Ground

Our standard LaserSource interconnect cable with bare wire pigtails for user termination into non-Arroyo fixtures, and features shielded twisted pair wires for good modulation performance. When using one pin to carry current (as with 6300 or 4200-DR applications), this cable is rated to 4A. When used with our 4300 instruments ad both pairs are used, the cable is rated to 8A because the 4300 drivers use two pins for anode and two pins for cathode. All connections are made through 20 gauge wires. Photodiode connection is carried through the cable, but the interlock pins (pins 1 and 2) are shorted at the DB-9M (instrument) end and carried through to the fixture end of the cable.

A version of this cable, the 1220B LaserSource Cable, is available which features a DB-9F connector on the fixture end for use with any of the Arroyo Instruments fixtures.

The 1221B replaces both the 1221 and 1223 cables.


    Instrument connection

DB-9, male

    Mount connection

Bare wires, tinned

    Signal connections

LD anode, LD cathode
LD anode sense, LD cathode sense
PD anode, PD cathode


Shorted at instrument connector

    Current rating (A)

8 with 4300 Series LaserSource

    Length (m)


    Hood construction