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1229C LaserSource Cable, 20A, 2m, Pigtailed

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The 1229C is a 20A-rated cable for use with the 4320 and other high current instruments. The instrument end as the standard 9W4 connector, while the mount end of the cable has unterminated tinned wires for connections to custom mounts.

A version of this cable, the 1228C LaserSource Cable, is available which 9W4 connectors on both ends of the cable.

Only laser anode and laser cathode connections are made with this cable.

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    Instrument connection

9W4, male

    Mount connection

Bare wires, tinned

    Signal connections

LD anode / cathode in twisted pair
PD anode / cathode in twisted pair

    Current rating (A)


    Length (m)


    Hood construction