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1261B TECSource Cable, 5A, Pigtailed, 2m

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1261B TECSource Cable, 5A, Pigtailed, 2m Click here for larger image(s)

DB-15 Male Connector
Pin Color Function / Description
1 Red TE+
2 Red/White TE+
3 Black TE-
4 Black/White TE-
5 Shield Earth Ground
6 Shield Earth Ground
7 Green Sensor+
8 White Sensor-
11 Yellow Fan+
12 Blue Fan-
9, 10,
13 - 15
  No connection
Shell Shield Earth Ground

This cable is good for applications up to 5A. The cable is terminated with a DB-15 connector on the instrument wend and bare tinned wires on the mount end for connections to non-Arroyo mounts.

A version of this cable, the 1260B TECSource Cable, is available which features DB-15 connectors on both ends of the cable.

If you are using a 5300 Series TECSource and a mount with 4-wire RTD sense, or require operation to 10A, we recommend you use the 1263B TECSource Cable, which operates to 10A and includes the wiring for remote sensor signals.


    Instrument connection

DB-15, male

    Mount connection

Bare wires, tinned

    Signal connections


    Current rating (A)


    Length (m)


    Hood construction