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1263B TECSource Cable, 10A, Pigtailed, 2m

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1263B TECSource Cable, 10A, Pigtailed, 2m Click here for larger image(s)

DB-15 Male Connector
Pin Color Function / Description
1 Red TE+
2 Red/White TE+
3 Black TE-
4 Black/White TE-
5 Shield Earth Ground
6 Shield Earth Ground
7 Green Sensor+
8 White Sensor-
9 Red/Yellow TE+
10 Black/Yellow TE-
11 Yellow Fan+
12 Blue Fan-
13 n/c No connection
14 Orange Rem Sensor+
15 Brown Rem Sensor-
Shell Shield Earth Ground

Similar to the 1261B TECSource Cable, but adds wiring for both the 4-wire RTD connection as well as operation to 10A. The cable is terminated with a DB-15 connector on the instrument end and bare tinned wires on the mount end for connections to non-Arroyo mounts.

A version of this cable, the 1262B TECSource Cable, is available which features DB-15 connectors on both ends of the cable.


    Instrument connection

DB-15, male

    Mount connection

Bare wires, tinned

    Signal connections

Remote Sensor

    Current rating (A)


    Length (m)


    Hood construction