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1600-100RTD 100Ω Platinum RTD

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  • Fast response time
  • 100Ω at 0°C
  • ±0.12% (±0.33°C) at 100Ω

The 1600-100RTD is an accurate 100Ω platinum RTD, identical to the RTDs used in Arroyo Instruments' high temperature mounts. Accurate to 0.12% (±0.33°C) at 100Ω, this high performance RTD works well in many applications and across a wide range of temperatures. The RTD is encased in a small stainless steel housing, and should be secured into position with thermally conductive epoxy or similar bonding compound. We offer 1601 Thermal epoxy, a 2-part  epoxy packaged in 3 gram packets.



±0.12% (±0.33°C) at 100Ω

    Response Time

1.5 seconds (typical)


36" 32AWG alloy, Teflon coated