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205 TEC Butterfly LaserMount

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205 TEC Butterfly LaserMount

The 205 TEC Butterfly LaserMount is an excellent choice for electrical connection and passive cooling of Butterfly laser modules. With optional fiber tray, cover, fan base, and removable connectors, the 205 offers a very flexible solution for butterfly laser applications.

Active Cooling
The 205 TEC Butterfly LaserMount provides active TEC cooling for butterfly lasers that lack an internal Peltier cooler, or for manufacturing applications where case temperature control is an important part of device qualification. The optional fan base increases the thermal capacity by 2.5X, to 8W (25°C set, 25°C ambient).

Quick Laser Loading
The 205 makes loading the laser quick with a zero insertion force socket… simply set the laser into the socket, screw the device to the mount for passive cooling, and close the lead clamp to make electrical connection. The lead clamps are removable for butterfly lasers with GPO or SMA connectors on one side and for easy maintenance in production applications.

  • Active TEC cooling
  • Fiber tray, cover, and fan options
  • 14-pin Butterfly Lasers
  • 7-pin Butterfly Lasers with SMA / RF connectors
  • Zero insertion force (ZIF) connection
  • Solder-less wiring

Beyond the mount itself, the 205 works with our optional fiber tray, device cover, and fan base:

The 200-TRAY fiber tray bolts directly to the top of the mount and makes fiber management simple.

The 200-C cover enhances the stability of the laser by minimizing the impact of ambient air currents.

The 200-FAN fan base significantly increases the thermal capacity, from 3W to 8W (25°C set, 25°C ambient).

Easy Wiring
The underside of the mount houses a simple screw terminal wiring setup, with all wires color coded, and the terminals clearly marked to make wiring the mount for your device as easy as possible.

DB-9 & DB-15 Interfaces
The laser driver and temperature controller connections are made through a DB-9 LDD and DB-15 TEC connector on the side of the mount, which allows for quick connections to any Arroyo Instruments controllers.

Looking For Passive Cooling?
If you are looking for a passively cooled butterfly mount, take a look at the 203 Butterfly LaserMount.


    Laser Package Supported

14-pin Butterfly
7-pin Butterfly w/ GPO or SMA

    Input connectors
    Laser Diode

DB-9, male

    Laser TEC

DB-15, male

    Mount TEC

DB-15, male

    Thermal Capacity

At 0°C delta from ambient, 25°C ambient temperature

    Without fan base


    With fan base


    Size (H x W x D) [in(mm)]

1.55(39) x 3.50(89) x 5.00(127)

    Mounting holes

¼-20 through-hole, 3” on center (x2)

    Device mounting screws

2-56 x 1/8” stainless steel socket head