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207-150 TEC LaserMount

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207-150 TEC LaserMount


This is a discontinued product. The replacement product is the 207-150B TEC LaserMount.


    Laser Package Supported

Standard Butterfly, AlfaLight AM6, JDSU L3, JDSU L4, Lumics LU09, Scheaumann SP940, Star LED’s
Custom configurations available

    Thermal Capacity


At 0°C delta from ambient, 25°C ambient temperature

    Input connectors
    Laser Diode

DB-9, male

    Mount TEC

DB-15, male

    Mounting holes

¼-20 through-hole, 3” on center (x2)

    Device mounting screws

0-80 x 1/8” (x4)

2-56 x 1/8” (x4)

4-40 x 1/8” (x6)

    Size (H x W x D) [in(mm)]

2.44(62) x 3.50(89) x 5.00(127)