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226 TEC Laser/LED LaserMount

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226 TEC Laser/LED LaserMount

Flexible Mounting Plate
The 226 has a unique mounting plate, which features three distinct hole patterns:

  1. A hole pattern for STAR LEDs, including larger 4-40 threaded holes
  2. A breadboard pattern of 2-56 threaded holes on 1/4" spacing
  3. Four outside corner holes forming a 1/2" x 1" square

This combination of hole patterns provides excellent flexibility in mounting various types of devices.

The 226 is designed for post-mounting (post-mount not included), with 8-32 and M4 threaded holes on the bottom of the mount.

  • Active TEC cooling
  • 2.4W Thermal Capacity
  • Clear anodized aluminum
  • LED STAR and breadboard hole patterns
  • 2mm banana jacks for easy device connections



Active Cooling
The 226 TEC LED LaserMount was designed for low power LED applications needing temperature control, but with its versatile bread board hole pattern, can be used in any cold plate application.

Clear Anodized

For applications where the mount will be placed inside an integrating sphere for total light measurements, the 226 is clear anodized aluminum to minimize light absorption into the fixture, and therefore minimizing the impact on the sphere's power calibration.

Quick Disconnect Banana Jacks
For connecting your LED or laser, the 226 has two 2mm banana jacks on the side of the mount, which allows you to quickly connect your device to the mount. One set of leads is included with the mount.

DB-9 & DB-15 Interfaces
The laser driver and temperature controller connections are made through a DB-9 LDD and a DB-15 TEC connector on the back of the mount, which allows for quick connections to any Arroyo Instruments controllers.

Thermistor Control
The mount uses a 10K thermistor for temperature feedback. More details on working with thermistors can be found here.


    Laser Package Supported

LED STAR, various

    Thermal Capacity


At 0°C delta from ambient, 25°C ambient temperature

    Input connectors
    Laser Diode

DB-9, male

    Mount TEC

DB-15, male

    Temperature Control
    Temperature Range (°C)

+15 to +85

    Sensor Type

10kΩ Thermistor

    TE Module Imax (A)


    TE Module Vmax (V)


    TE Module Qmax (W)


    Size (H x W x D) [in(mm)]

2.0 (50.8) x 2.0 (50.8) x 2.3 (58.2)

    Mounting holes

8-32 threaded hole
M4 threaded hole