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264-BB-9W4 TEC High Power LaserMount

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264-BB-9W4 TEC High Power LaserMount

Active Cooling
The 264 TEC LaserMount was designed for high power devices needing active temperature control. With its large heat sink and integrated fan, the 264 can handle high thermal loads and broad temperature ranges.

High Power 9W4 Connector
The 264-BB-9W4 comes with a high power 9W4 laser connector designed for up to 20A operation. This connector is compatible with the 1228-20 cable and our high power laser drivers, such as the 4320, which use the 9W4 output connector.

  • Bread board cold plate
  • TEC controlled
  • 30W capacity at 25°C

Bread Board Cold Plate
Using a bread board hole pattern found on optical tables, the 264-BB-9W4 provides a grid of threaded holes for maximum flexibility in mounting your thermal load. Be it a laser device, optic platform, or other application, the bread board configuration gives you excellent long term flexibility in how to mount your loads.

Device Cover
Beyond the mount itself, the 264 works with our optional device cover:

The 260-C cover enhances the stability of the laser by minimizing the impact of ambient air currents.


Thermistor Control
The 264 uses a 10K thermistor for temperature feedback. More details on working with thermistors can be found here.


    Laser Package Supported

Various, contact factory

    Thermal Capacity


At 0°C delta from ambient, 25°C ambient temperature

    Cold plate

2.2" x 2.7" solid copper, nickel plated
2-56 threaded holes on 1/4" centers

    Input connectors
    Laser Diode

9W4, male

    Mount TEC

DB-15, male

    Temperature Control
    Temperature Range (°C)

+15 to +85

    Sensor Type

10kΩ Thermistor

    TE Module Imax (A)


    TE Module Vmax (V)


    TE Module Qmax (W)


    Size (H x W x D) [in(mm)]

3.0 (76.2) x 4.5 (114.3) x 6.0 (152.4)

    Mounting holes

¼-20 x 4