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284-03 TECMount, M2.5

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284-03 TECMount, M2.5

The 284 TECMount provides a flexible heating and cooling platform designed to meet demanding temperature control requirements. With a large 3" diameter cold plates with a breadboard-style mounting system, the 284 is easy to integrate into a broad range of applications.

High Temperature Option
The 284 is available in an optional high temperature configuration, 284-03-150, allowing for operation up to 150°C, but retaining the temperature range and thermal capacity of the standard mount. Because thermistors do not perform well at high temperatures, the sensor is replaced with a high accuracy Pt 100 RTD sensor.

  • 30W thermal capacity
  • Active TEC cooling
  • Large cold plate w/ M2.5 holes
    Customized mounting plates available

Flexible Cold Plate
The 284-03 cold plate features a grid of M2.5 holes plus a mounting pattern for STAR LEDs.

Customizing the Cold Plate
When our standard breadboard plate just doesn't fit, the cold plate on the 284 can be custom machined to fit the exact hole pattern of your application. We can put mounting holes just where you need them so your device mounts directly to the plate, without the need for adapters or modification.

M-Series Mounting System
A an optional accessory, the 284-MKIT is a series of mounting accessories to accomodate the integration of the 284 mounts onto your optical bread board or other mechanical system.

Flexible Temperature Feedback
Many laser and LED devices feature an internal temperature sensor. The 284 has an external sensor input, allowing for easy switching between the plate sensor and the sensor located in the laser or LED.


Key Specs
       Thermal Capacity

30W at 25°C

       Cold plate

3" diameter solid copper, hard nickel plated
Breadboard, M2.5 holes

Temperature Control
       Temperature Range (°C)

+15 to +85

       Sensor Type

10kΩ Thermistor

       Recommended Controller


       TE Current, Max (A)


       TE Voltage, Max (V)

14.7 (at 25°C)

       Size (H x W x D) [in(mm)]

4.75 (120.7) x 4.4 (111.8) x 4.4 (111.8)

       TEC Connector

DB15, male
Phoenix 6-pin