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485-08-04 LaserPak, 8A

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485-08-04 LaserPak, 8A Click here for larger image(s)

The 485-08-04 mirrors much of the functionality of our 4304 LaserSource, with 8 Amps and 4 Volts of output capability. With a lower cost and smaller footprint, the LaserPak fits better into embedded applications and other low cost applications.

Analog or Computer -- Your Choice

The 485 Series LaserPaks provide both a robust analog interface as well as computer control (USB or RS232) for precise remote operation (you can even use both interface simultaneously). The analog interface provies on/off control, status, and analog monitor of current and voltage, while the computer interface provies complete control over all operating parameters.

Analog Modulation
The 485-08-04’s analog interface supports modulation rates up to 45kHz.

  • 8A range
  • 4V compliance
  • 0.5mA resolution
  • <200uA noise
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces

Develop with a LaserSource,
Deploy with a LaserPak

The LaserPak is command-set compatible with the LaserSource an also features the identical laser interface. This means you can start your development with the LaserSource, a robust benchtop instrument with a full user interface and display, then move to the lower cost LaserPak as you roll out the application to production or your end-users.

Simple Multi-Channel System
Using the 1402C-RM Rack Mount Tray, you can quickly rack groups of 3 or 5 Paks into a rack for a quick multi-channel system.

USB & RS232 Computer Interfaces
Includes for USB and RS232 computer interfaces standard.

USB & RS232 Connectors.gif

Field Configurable AC Input
The LaserPak is configured in the factory for either 115V (485-08-04-115) or 230V (485-08-04-230) operation, but can be reconfigured in the field for either voltage.


Model Numbers

485-08-04-115 for 115 VAC
485-08-04-230 for 230 VAC
Field configurable


CW Mode Specifications

    Range (mA)

0 – 8000

    Resolution (mA)


    Accuracy (±[% set+mA])

0.05% + 1.6

    Stability (ppm, time)

< 10, 1 hour

    Temperature Coeff (ppm/°C)


    Noise/Ripple (μA rms, low BW)

< 200

    Transients (μA)

< 600

    Compliance Voltage (V)


    Modulation Bandwidth (kHz)


    Modulation Input Range

0 – 10V, 10kΩ

    Range (μA)

5 – 10000

    Resolution (μA)


    Accuracy (±[% set+μA])

0.05% + 1

    Stability (ppm, time)

< 200, 24 hours

    Temperature Coeff (ppm/°C)

< 200

    PD Bias (V)

No Bias, -3V, or -5V (jumper)

    Range (V)

0 – 4

    Resolution (V)


    Setpoint Accuracy (±[% set+V])

0.05% + 0.005

    Measurement Accuracy (±[% reading+V])

0.05% + 0.004



    Current Limit Accuracy (mA)


    Voltage Limit Accuracy (±% FS)





On/off control, analog modulation input


Analog current monitor, analog photodiode monitor, on/off state, stable state


DB-15, male



    Laser Connector

DB-9, female


On LDD connector

    Computer Interface

USB 2.0 Full Speed (Type B),
RS-232 (DB-9, male)

    Input Power

115V or 230V (jumper selectable), 50 / 60Hz

    Size (H x W x D) [inches (mm)]

3.0 (77) x 4.5 (115) x 8.5 (216)

    Operating Temperature

+10°C to +40°C

    Storage Temperature

-20°C to +60°C