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5240 TECSource 4A/7V

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The 5240 TECSource is a popular temperature controller for lower power applications. With 28W of TEC control and support for thermistor sensors (10µA or 100µA bias current), it is the ideal choice when higher power or broader sensor support is not needed. It also has an auxiliary DC fan power supply for controlling external fans, such as those in our 207 LaserMounts. Housed in a compact enclosure, the 5240 is an excellent mix of features, size, and price.

AutoTune Automatic PID Calculation
All Arroyo Instruments temperature controllers feature AutoTune for automatic PID calculation. With AutoTune, you no longer need to fiddle with PID parameters to find values that work with your application. Simply hook up your mount, set the appropriate limits, and start the AutoTune process. The instrument will automatically calculate PID parameters that will work with your mount.

Excellent Stability
The 5240 offers excellent short term and long term stability. At less than 0.004°C stability over one hour, and 0.01°C over 24 hours, the 5240 provides an excellent solution for precision temperature control.

Fully Adjustable PID
The 5240 comes with eight factory set gain settings for the temperature control loop, which are sufficient for most applications, but also offers fully adjustable PID settings, allowing you to fine tune the response ogf the instrument. Also, because the loop is digital and uses the temperature (not sensor resistance) as the control variable, variations in sensor sensitivity across temperature (primarily seen with thermistors) does not affect the unit as it does with analog-based PID loops.

  • AutoTune automatic PID
  • 28W of TEC power
  • 0.004°C stability
  • Bi-polar output: heat & cool
  • Thermistor sensor
  • Compact enclosure


Integrated Fan Supply
The 5240 includes an adjustable 4.5V to 9VDC power supply for power external fans, such as those on our 240 and 260 Series LaserMounts. By incorporating the power supply, it eliminates the need for an external power supply and simplifies cabling to the mount. If you will be using this power supply, make sure you choose the 1260B or 1261B TECSource Cable, which includes the additional wiring for the power supply.

Standard Computer Interfaces
The 5240 includes USB computer interface, allowing for quick and easy connection to a PC for remote operation. In addition, the TECSource’s command set is compatible with ILX and Newport controllers, allowing you to leverage any existing software you may have already developed.

Simple User Interface
The 5240’s user interface is remarkably simple… so easy to use, you’ll have it up and running in no time. Unlike other instruments which rely on 7-segment LED displays and a confusing array of indicators and buttons, the 5240 instead presents the information on a high contrast VFD display in an easy-to-read format. The 5240 displays the temperature set point, actual temperature, current, and voltage simultaneously… no need to toggle though the readings like on most instruments. If you need a larger display for viewing at a distance, you can press the knob to toggle to a larger display of the actual temperature. Settings and error messages are in clear English, not cryptic codes and flashing status lights.



Key Specs

    Power (A, V, W)

±4A, ±7V, 28W

    Stability (1 hour, °C)


    Stability (24 hours, °C)




    Range (°C)

-99 to 250

    Resolution (°C)


    Thermistor (100µA) Accuracy at 25°C (°C)


    Thermistor, 100µA Range
    Accuracy (±[% reading + kΩ])

0.05 + 0.005

    Range (kΩ)

0.05 – 45

    Resolution (kΩ)


    Thermistor, 10µA Range
    Accuracy (±[% reading + kΩ])

0.05 + 0.05

    Range (kΩ)

0.1 – 450

    Resolution (kΩ)




    Range (A)


    Compliance Voltage (V)


    Max Power (W)


    Resolution (A)


    Accuracy (±[% value + A])

0 + 0.03

    Noise/Ripple (A, rms)

< 0.003

    Current Limit Accuracy (A)



Voltage (measurement only)

    Accuracy (±[% reading + V])

0 + 0.05

    Range (V)


    Resolution (V)




    TEC Connector

DB-15, female

    External Fan Support

Yes, 4 - 8.5V, 350mA

    Display Type

2x20 VFD

    Computer Interface

USB 2.0 Full Speed (USB Type B)


100V / 120V / 230V
50/60 Hz

    Size (H x W x D) [inches (mm)]

1.82 (47) x 8.5 (215) x 11.13 (283)

    Operating Temperature

+10°C to +40°C

    Storage Temperature

-20°C to +60°C