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Micro 5.6 5.6mm TO-Can LaserMount

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Micro 5.6 5.6mm TO-Can LaserMount

Inexpensive Mount
The Micro 5.6 was design to provide an inexpensive solution for holding and mounting 5.6mm TO-can lasers.

The Micro mounts are not intended to provide heat sinking (although they will draw a small amount of heat away), but rather a solution for post mounting a TO-can on an optical table or other test setup.

  • Inexpensive
  • 5.6mm TO-can lasers
  • Post-mountable
  • Pairs with 1224 cables



The 1224 series of cables work with the Micro mounts to provide the electrical connections to the laser. The cables feature the standard DB-9 connection to the laser driver for easy connection to any LaserSource laser driver. The Micro mount, coupled with the appropriate 1224 cable provides a quick and inexpensive solution to your TO-can control. The third thumbnail to the left shows the mount with post (not provided), and cable (optional).

Looking for a 9mm holder?
If you are looking for the same feature as the Micro 5.6, but for 9mm TO-can lasers, see the Micro 9 LaserMount.


    Laser Package Supported

5.6mm TO-Can

    Size (H x W x D) [in(mm)]

1.0 (25.4) x 1.0 (25.4) x 0.4 (10.2)

    Mounting hole

8-32 threaded hole