TECSource Cables

Our TECSource cables are made from quality wire and feature solid metal housings for excellent electrical contact and long service life.


Current Rating

  • 5 Amp
  • 10 Amp
  • 15 Amp
  • 30 Amp

Termination Styles

  • DB-15
  • 17W2
  • Pigtailed


  • Standard 2 m
  • Custom Lengths Avaliable
ModelRatingLengthConn AConn BSpecial features
1264 TECSource Cable, 30A, 2m30 A2 m17W2M17W2FStandard cable
1265 TECSource Cable, 30A, 2m, Pigtailed30 A2 m17W2MPigtailStandard cable
1264-DB15 TECSource Cable, DB15, 15A, 2m15 A2 m17W2MDB15FStandard Cable
1260B TECSource Cable, 5A, 2m5 A2 mDB-15MDB-15FStandard cable
1261B TECSource Cable, 5A, Pigtailed, 2m5 A2 mDB-15MPigtailStandard cable
1262B-17W2 TECSource Cable, 17W2, 10A, 2m10 A2 mDB15-M17W2-FRTD 4-wire connection
1262B TECSource Cable, 10A, 2m10 A2 mDB-15MDB-15FRTD 4-wire connection
1263B TECSource Cable, 10A, Pigtailed, 2m10 A2 mDB-15MPigtailRTD 4-wire connection