Laser Diode Drivers

4200-DR Series LaserSource

4300 Series LaserSource

4400 Series LaserSource

TEC Temperature Controllers

5240 Series TECSource

5240 TECSource, 4A/7V28 W4 A7 V±0.004°CThermistor

5300 Series TECSource

5400 Series TECSource

Laser+TEC Controllers

6300 Series ComboSource

Laser Diode Mounts

Butterfly LaserMounts

207 Series LaserMounts

DIL LaserMounts

Laser/LED LaserMounts

TO-Can LaserMounts

240 Series LaserMounts

260 Series LaserMounts

274 TECMount

280 Series TECMounts

Multi-Channel Controllers

7144 Laser MultiSource Controllers

7154 TEC MultiSource Controllers

7244 Laser MultiSource Controllers

7254 TEC MultiSource Controllers

OEM Products

485 Series LaserPak

585 Series TECPak

586 Series TECPak

685 Series ComboPak


Mount Accessories

234-C-01 Standard CoverStandard cover, 30mm cage support
234-OFFSET-KIT, 1mm TO-9TO-9 1mm Offset Clip & Cover Kit
224-CLIP9 TO-9 ClipTO-9 Clip for 224/234B LaserMount
224-CLIP5.6 TO-5.6 ClipTO-5.6 Clip for 224/234B LaserMount
AP-01-5.2 Adapter Plate, 5.2" SquareSeries 1 Adapter Plate, 5.2" Square
AP-01-4.2 Adapter Plate, 4.2" SquareSeries 1 Adapter Plate, 4.2" Square
AP-01-3.2 Adapter Plate, 3.2" SquareSeries 1 Adapter Plate, 3.2" Square
284-MKIT Mounting Kit for 284Mounting Kit for 284
234-C-02 Cover, 1-inch Lens Tube InterfaceOpto-mech cover, 30mm cage and 1" lens tube
200-TRAY Fiber Management TrayFiber management tray for 203/205/207/213/215 mounts
200-C Laser CoverDevice cover for 203/205/207/213/215 mounts
200-FAN Fan BaseFan base for 203/205/213/215 mounts
260-C Cover for 260 Series MountsCover for 260 Series Mounts
224-C-01 Standard CoverStandard cover, 30mm cage support
224-C-02 Opto-Mech CoverOpto-mech cover, 30mm cage and 1" lens tube
224-C-03 Fiber Pigtailed CoverCover for fiber pigtailed lasers
1900 Replacement Butterfly Connector (Pair)Replacement Butterfly Connector (Pair)

Rack Mount Kits

LaserSource Cables

TECSource Cables

Other Accessories