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7254-10-28 MultiSource TEC Controller

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7254-10-28 MultiSource TEC Controller Click here for larger image(s)

The 7154-10-28 MultiSource is a compact, mutli-channel temperature controller with a whopping 230W per channel. Excellent for high power applications where low cost and high density is required. Each of the channels includes an auxiliary DC fan power supply for controlling external fans.

AutoTune Automatic PID Calculation
All Arroyo Instruments temperature controllers feature AutoTune for automatic PID calculation. With AutoTune, you no longer need to fiddle with PID parameters to find values that work with your application. Simply hook up your mount, set the appropriate limits, and start the AutoTune process. The instrument will automatically calculate PID parameters that will work with your mount.

  • Available now
  • 4 Channel TEC
  • 230W of TEC power per channel
  • 0.004°C stability
  • Bi-polar output: heat & cool
  • Thermistor sensor
  • Compact enclosure

Excellent Stability
The MultiSource offers excellent short term and long term stability. At less than 0.004°C stability over one hour, and 0.01°C over 24 hours, it provides an excellent solution for precision temperature control.

USB, Ethernet, and Local Control
The MultiSource includes both Ethernet and USB computer interfaces, allowing for quick and easy connection to a PC for remote operation. While intended to be primarily operated from a PC, the display on the MultiSource allows you to locally monitor status and turn channels on and off.



Key Specs

    Number of Channels


    Power (A, V, W)

±10A, ±28V, 220W

    Stability (1 hour, °C)


    Stability (24 hours, °C)




    Range (°C)

-99 to 250 (dependent on sensor)

    Resolution (°C)


    Thermistor Accuracy at 25°C (°C)

0.05 (100μA thermistor)

    Accuracy (±[% reading + kΩ])

0.05 + 0.005

    Range (kΩ)

0.05 – 45

    Resolution (kΩ)




    Range (A)


    Compliance Voltage (V)


    Max Power (W)


    Resolution (A)


    Accuracy (±[% value + A])

0 + 0.03

    Noise/Ripple (A, rms)

< 0.015

    Current Limit Accuracy (A)



Voltage (measurement only)

    Accuracy (±[% reading + V])

0 + 0.05

    Range (V)


    Resolution (V)




    TEC Connector

4 x DB-15, female

    External Fan Support

8 - 12V, 230mA max

    Display Type

2x20 VFD

    Computer Interface

Ethernet 100 Base-T
USB 2.0 Full Speed (USB Type B)


Universal 90 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Size (H x W x D) [inches (mm)] 3.50 (89) x 19 (483) x 14.76 (375)
    Operating Temperature

+10°C to +40°C

    Storage Temperature

-20°C to +60°C